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What is the best use for the ThermaLight™ bulbs?Updated 2 months ago

The best use of our ThermaLight™ bulb is in our Photon™, Tungsten™ or saunas. Our bulb cages protect you from possible burns and EMF stress. The panels are fully shielded (mitigated for EMF), handmade of heat safe natural (untreated) materials including UL listed wiring, junctions, sockets and fully warrantied. 

No brooder lamp or mass produced option comes close, they have no EMF grounding, no burn risk protection, no warranty, etc. We do not have a suggestion of store bought sockets, panels or lamps. 

Some of our customers do purchase a bulb before hand and use it in a properly rated fixture to test. When using replacement bulbs outside our panel, keep in mind:

1) Though your lamp is 120V(or 240V for overseas), the important rating is wattage! Our bulbs should be used in a fixture that is rated for 250W.  

2) The fixture is sized correctly for a R40 flood bulb and heat safe.

3) The fixture is properly grounded and has a built in guard! 

4) The bulb is in the correct usage range and aimed correctly for targeted or full body therapy.

5) See specific manufacturer details of the fixture you plan on using before use.

Always maintain the distance listed below between your body & limbs and the operating bulb (as suggested by SaunaSpace®):

One - Two bulb(s) = 12 to 24 inches (away from the bulb(s) in operation)

Three - Four bulbs = 18 -30 inches (away from the bulbs in operation)


A pure environment is top priority for a relaxing and healing experience in your own sacred space. This is why we only use untreated materials- GOTS certified organic cotton canvas, sustainably harvested/untreated hypoallergenic North American basswood (panel, poles, etc.), stainless steel hardware, untreated bamboo in our grounding mat, etc. 

These untreated materials can not be wet and must be removed from humid environments after the sauna session. We DO NOT recommend using our ThermaLight™ bulbs (or the standard heat lamps) in a bathroom/humid environment.

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