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What is the spectrum emission and irradiance of your Thermalight bulbs?Updated 2 months ago

Our ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulbs give a broad spectrum emission (between 550-3000+nm, No UV). Thinking of it as Light Therapy layered over Heat Therapy, mitochondrial stimulation and soothing detoxifying heat! This emission includes visible light, NIR, MIR and a little FIR.

ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulbs by SaunaSpace® are carefully designed in all ways with human use and health in mind! Each bulb is made of mouth-blown, hand-rolled dark-red stained and tempered glass for durability and beauty. Our ThermaLight™ delivers 2x the irradiance in the light therapy (photobiomodulation) band of red and near-infrared 600nm - 1000nm as well as more heating. We recommend using ThermaLight™ for less duration than a standard heat lamp. Many customers report quicker heating and shorter sessions.

The following consideration should be taken into account when using our ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulbs:

  1. No preheating is needed and customers report sweating within 10 minutes on average.
  2. Try your first three sessions with three bulbs only. If you find you do want more heat, turn on that 4th bulb.
  3. Try reducing your session length by 10 minutes for the first three sessions. If you would like more time, from your new base time increase in 5 minute increments every 2-4 sessions until you find the length you like.
  4. Usage range is 18-30 inches from the front of the guards to the body (torso) in the Sauna. If you feel like you want to stop and get out, stop immediately and get out of the Sauna! 
  5. For full body, we want to sweat strongly for 10 minutes in the sauna (read: once you start sweating staying in for 10 more minutes). With our ThermaLight™ the sweat response may be much faster, a 15-20 minute session may be sufficient. 
  6. For targeted use, you are going to notice more heating and efficiency from only one bulb. You may find you want less duration or greater distance from the local area. Move the light around the area every few minutes. Example: point the panel from the front toward the face for a 5-minute session, then from the back of the head for 5 minutes.  
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