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What is the usage protocol for the Photon Panel?Updated a month ago

Directly aimed at head/neck: Use up to 10 minutes at a distance of 12 - 24 inches from the head/neck. We DO NOT recommend using it longer than 10 minutes per session directly on the head. The best rule of thumb: space direct head sessions an hour apart. See 'moving around' instructions below. 

See owners manual

Other areas of the body: Use from 5 - 60 minutes per area at a distance of 12 - 24 inches up to ten times per day. See 'moving around' instructions below. 

Moving around the area: Once your area and distance are set, move the emission around the area during the treatment, every 3-10 minutes based on the time you are working that area. You can move the panel around or, if the panel is in a fixed position, you may want to move the body. Keeping the bulb on one spot for more than a few minutes causes a slight reddening of the skin that will go away quickly and is not harmful. Do not touch the Bulb Guard nor bulb and do not keep it on one spot if you feel a burning sensation. We suggest allowing the area to become as hot as you can comfortably tolerate. 

Here's an example of a session on the quad muscles: start at 15 inches away, seated on your couch. The panel is up by your hip. In 5 minutes you move the panel down closer to your knee. in 5 more minutes you move the panel to the middle of your thigh on the inside of the leg, you leave it here for 3 minutes. You stand up, tilt the panel to point at the back of your quad thigh for another 3 minutes. Turn off your light, your quad session is done! You moved the panel around and performed 16 minutes on the quad from 3 directions. 

Multiple body areas a session: You can do a session of separate parts in series (read: 10 minutes on the head, 10 minutes on the forearm, 15 minutes on the hands) and then take your break. Come back and do another session. When moving from one body part to another, respect the time limit especially on the head.

Multiple sessions a day for adults: The best rule of thumb for adults is one hour break in between sessions. A session can be the same body parts or others as well, up to 10 times a day. 

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