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What's the difference between a full body and a targeted therapy sauna session?Updated 2 months ago

When you look across our products, you see two main categories: Full-Body and Localized/Targeted. 

For Full-Body see our: Faraday™ Infrared Sauna, Luminati™ Infrared Sauna, Tungsten™ Infrared Sauna Panel or Shower Sauna Conversion Kit

For Targeted see our: Photon™ Infrared Therapy Light (our Tungsten™ panel and saunas can be used for targeted therapy as well)


Our Saunas are made for full body cellular rejuvenation and detoxification through NIR light. You can leverage the skin as the most powerful, and least stressful, detox organ through passive & profuse full body sweating. One advantage of incandescent sauna is the lower ambient air temperature.inside our sauna the temp stays between 100-120°F (38-49°C), much lower than others. Discipline is a large part of our health journey, which is easier in a dry, neutral, comfortable, meditative space. This is also revolutionary for our more sensitive customers that seek sauna and have not found one they can use!

The Luminati™ and the Faraday™ feature our shielded Tungsten™ panel and our Bamboo Grounding Mat for significant protection from wired electric fields (EF) that come from home wiring and unshielded electronics. The Faraday™ exclusively takes this a step further through our custom-made 5G-frequency-blocking EMF Shield that protects you from 99.999% of ambient RF such as cellular, radio, wifi, bluetooth from all sides! The Luminati's enclosure offers no protection from wireless signals. 

To achieve the ultimate detox & cellular rejuvenation through a deeper relaxing, meditative experience you need protection from all forms of EMF (not just wired EF).

Full Body sauna is the cornerstone of your health, most customers do it 3-6 days a week! Using the Tungsten™ Infrared Sauna Panel outside of the enclosure will not produce the same profuse, detoxifying sweat.

Keep in mind as soon as you turn the bulbs on, in a therapeutic range, you are receiving deep penetrating light therapy (PBM). The benefits of heat therapy are based on a deep core heating usually accompanied by a profuse sweat. To achieve a proper sweat you need an enclosure where the ambient air temperature at 100-120+°F (38-49+°C). 


The Photon™ Infrared Therapy Light is made to provide targeted relief from localized afflictions, it is not full-body, the detox is not profound, you will not reach a full body sweat.

You get targeted, soothing heat and mitochondrial stimulating light therapy. You can even use the Photon™ for lighting before dawn/morning or after sunset/night without the energizing, circadian rhythm disrupting blue and green wavelengths!

It is a convenient way to bring natural, thermal light therapy with you anywhere. You can use it in the sauna (either on the floor or attached to the frame), any place in your home, at the office desk (to balance the damaging effects of monitor screen blue light exposure), for a sinus infection, joint pain, aid with a newly sprained ankle, skin rejuvenation, aim it at your head to wake up, aim directly at the neck (front and back) for thyroid therapy, etc.

The Tungsten™ can be used for targeted relief as well. The three piece switch allows you to turn on only light. Then when you want, turn all the lights back on for full body deep core heating!

You can even use the Photon™ in the sauna! It can be attached to the frame pole or used on the floor. All panels are designed to be used Vertically, so do NOT place it upside down or horizontal.

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