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Where can I use my sauna shower converter?Updated 2 months ago

Our Sauna Shower Converter Bundle is designed to convert a standard fiberglass tub/shower into a Near Infrared sauna. Though you can fit the components into a smaller space, for use- the space must be 41 in. L x 30 in. W 

When using in any area it is important to have enough room. The panel itself is 9 inches deep, the average sitting person is 23 inches deep (knee to back) and user clearance from the panel is 18-30 inches (the average user sits 24 inches away from the front of the guards). 


-Suggested height adjustment for your panel is torso height, the top of the top guard just under your chin. The Tungsten Pedestal places the panel at the correct height for users seated on the included Sauna Stool. 

-The Tungsten™ panel stands on its own when placed on the Pedestal, It does not need to lean against a wall.

-The included rods and Shower Converter Curtain create a 'front wall and ceiling' in a shower/tub setup. In a stall other style shower, you can use the curtain to close off any large gaps.

-You do need to maintain an ambient air temperature of at least 100°F (38°C). 

-All panels are designed to be used Vertically- DO NOT Place upside down/ Horizontal

Note: The power cord that comes with the Tungsten™ Panel is 15ft. long, and can be used with an extension cord. The panel itself is an electrical device, so DO NOT use the components in damp, wet, or humid environments. All of the materials we build with are fully untreated.

For more information, read the How can I turn my own shower into a sauna with the Tungsten Panel? article.

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