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Why am I not sweating yet during my sauna sessions?Updated 2 months ago

Give the body time, and it will come around! Don’t stop! 

As soon as the lights turn on you are receiving full PBM, when you stay in front of the Panel you are receiving radiant heating. When you take the suggestion of proper hydration, and sit inside for the suggested amount of time, you are detoxing. Each individual reacts differently to the NIR sauna therapy in terms of sweat. In the beginning, some sweat very little during the first 1-5 sessions as they acclimate to the therapy...others begin sweating more quickly. 

Your body builds up heat, raising the internal body temp 2-3 degrees...the hyperthermic experience. On average, our customers report sweating within 10-15 minutes, this is with NO PREHEAT!

The air temperature around you should not be lower than your raised body temperature, we suggest between 100℉-120℉. This is the reasoning for the enclosure: it does not need to be as high as an FIR sauna, but you do need a higher-than-room temp. ambient air temp though! 

Take 3-4 weeks at 20-30 min. sessions, 3 times a week, for acclimation. Everyone is different, and they may receive different initial results. Some have a dripping response upfront, while some take 2-5 sessions to acclimate. 

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