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Why do the bulbs have a variance in color?Updated 2 months ago

Each ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulb is made of mouth-blown, hand-rolled dark-red stained and tempered glass for durability and beauty. Due to the nature of handcrafted items, each bulb will have naturally occurring blemishes, minor imperfections, weave asymmetry. These naturally occurring irregularities are not considered defects in materials for the purpose of our warranty, providing they do not adversely affect the functionality of the Product.

The variance in color does not affect the level emission of the bulb or the irradiance. It is the Tungsten filament in the bulb, not the colored glass, that produces the quoted wavelengths. The re-designed tungsten filament in our signature bulbs will burn at the same temperature, producing the same wavelengths regardless of the apparent shade of the bulb. Incandescent bulbs are an analog technology. When the bulb turns on, the tungsten filament delivers it's broad spectrum emission, at the same power, for the life of the bulb. When it does not turn on, it needs to be tested and possibly changed.

Rest assured that each bulb is tested in our shop before they are packaged for shipment to our customers. We will never ship out a bulb that does not meet our high standard of quality.

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