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Why is my order being stopped by customs?Updated 2 years ago

Most orders with international shipments have the destination country's import duties, sales/VAT tax and customs fees collected during checkout. These orders will be shipped Deliver-Duties-Paid (DDP), which means SaunaSpace pays and handles the customs entry process so there are typically no delays during import.

However, all international shipments are required to go through customs in their destination country. After your shipment clears customs, the carrier will make their delivery. We suggest checking your tracking number provided when your order ships for up to date delivery information. All international orders are shipped adult signature required. 

When shipping internationally customs processing time needs to be taken into account, SaunaSpace® nor the shipping carrier can estimate or affect that time.

Also please note that there are some destination countries for which we are unable pre-collect import duties, sales/VAT tax and customs fees during checkout. These shipments will be shipped Deliver-Duties-Unpaid (DDU), which means the recipient is responsible for handling and paying the destination country's import duties, sales/VAT tax and customs fees.

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