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Why is the bulb rattling?Updated 2 months ago

We understand your concern for the rattling in the bulb, it can raise questions. No need to fear, it is not the filament of the bulb it is the reflector! 


The reflector is a small, thin piece of metal attached to the filament stem inside the bulb that reflects the emission from under the filament outward through the front. It is a standard component of every ThermaLight™ Bulb/Standard Heat Lamp sold by SaunaSpace®. You may experience something similar from any incandescent bulb!

NOTE- if your bulb powers on it is not a defective filament. The rattling of the reflector does not reduce the manufacturer quoted lifespan of the bulb. Each bulb is tested in our shop before they are packaged for shipment to our customers. We will never ship out a bulb that does not meet our high standard of quality.

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