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Why should I choose SaunaSpace?Updated 2 years ago

We’ve spent years perfecting our spectrum so you get the most benefit from your sauna. Our full-spectrum bulbs mimic natural sunlight—minus the harmful UV and blue light—to trigger all of your body's most powerful restorative processes. Our emphasis on near infrared (NIR) gives you light and heat therapy from one carefully crafted source.

We’ve also curated sustainable, hypoallergenic, and natural materials in a portable design so you can have a worry-free experience. There’s no off-gassing or permanent alterations. Just an elegant way to enjoy the benefits of sauna in almost any space. 

Finally, we’re committed to reducing the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your environment, both by grounding the ones created by our products, and by creating the world’s only zero-EMF sauna, the Faraday, which includes industry-leading shield technology.

Discover what makes our saunas special or learn about EMFs.

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