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Will the sauna also heat up the room I install it in?Updated 2 months ago

The Luminati™ Sauna does not heat a room significantly, no need to worry about tripping a thermostat. 

The sauna has an operating temperature range of 100℉ —120℉ and an internal volume of 60 cubic feet. The Canvas Covers do breathe, but only a little. When you are through with your session, it is suggested that you leave the curtain open and the lamps on for a period of 5 minutes to clear the sauna out.

The amount of heat produced during the session and clearing is not significant enough to heat a room when used as suggested. This is due to the volume of the overall room. The Tungsten™ panel heating the 60 cubic foot space to the internal temperature; when that heat is let out into a large room, the large volume negates the smaller volume heating.

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