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Will the sauna session affect my sleep at night?Updated 2 months ago

Brian, our founder, started his sauna journey by performing sessions at night. He and many customers have noted improvement in sleep since its initial uses. 

One effect of a full, deep-sweating sauna session is a huge swing in the user's autonomic nervous state during the recovery phase. Let's break that down in a session scenario.

Hop in the sauna, close the curtain, stay in for 20 minutes, have a deep sweat and awesome vibes session where you will experience increased cellular energy, heart rate, etc. Once you are done with your session in the sauna, your session is not over! You move into what a lot of folks call the 'recovery phase' of the session. This is the phase where your body processes the effects in a very good way. You may notice that you are tired; this is to be expected. Your body is working hard with HS proteins and higher cellular energy as your ANS shifts to a deep parasympathetic state of rest and relax or rest and repair.  Get out and your body begins the recovery phase your ANS drops sharply below baseline operation.  In the morning and evening are the bodies natural parasympathetic shifting times. If using other times of day, that is fine, be sure to set aside that time to relax for 15-20 minutes after your session. This allows your body to utilize that relaxed state (post sauna) most fully!

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