Do I need the 120v or 240v ThermaLight bulb?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Brian Richards

120v bulbs are intended for use in countries that have 110-130v supply voltage, including:

  • North American countries:
    • USA
    • Canada
  • Central America
  • Japan
  • Taiwan

240v are intended for use in countries that have 220-240v supply voltage. Here's a list of some, but not all countries that have ~240v supply:

  • All European Union countries
  • UK
  • All Middle Eastern countries:
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Israel
    • Saudi Arabia
  • Russia
  • East Asian countries:
    • China
    • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

To make things more confusing, there are a few areas that use both voltages, like Brazil and India. In Thailand, supply voltage is 220v but to plug in a grounded appliance Plug Type A (USA standard grounded) must be used.

If you are not sure about which voltage type to choose, talk to us via Chat or Email and we will ensure you get the correct product for your needs.

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