How do I turn my Tungsten sauna panel into a sauna?

Updated 2 months ago by Team SaunaSpace

There are two primary ways to turn your Tungsten Sauna Panel into a full sauna.

1. If you use SaunaSpace products, you will need to purchase the Sauna Enclosure Kit and a Sauna Stool to create the equivalent of a Luminati. Optionally, you can also add the EMF Shield to upgrade to the equivalent of a Faraday.

2. If you would like to create your own sauna, you will need to build an enclosed space where you can sit or stand 18 inches from the panel with room to rotate during your session. We recommend using natural materials to avoid off-gassing harmful chemicals.

Tungsten Panel in cabinet sauna
Tungsten Panel with Tungsten Pedestal and Sauna Stool in closet

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