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Photon Therapy, on so many ways.

What does the Photon do?

The Photon is an infrared therapy light. It uses the same bulbs as our sauna, so you can think of it as a less intense version that can help you throughout the day. It’s great for targeting aches and pains in specific areas and blocking out blue ligh

How long should I use my Photon?

When you target your face and throat, sessions should be 5–10 minutes max. For other areas, you can use the Photon for up to one hour. You can move the Photon from one area to another without taking a break between. The Photon is great for mini sessi

What is the electrical cost of using the Photon?

The Photon costs about 5¢/hr, based on average kilowatt hour rates in the US.

How can I use the Photon for targeted therapy?

The Photon™ is our single light panel created for targeted therapy. It will not give you the same profuse sweat and studied detox of a sauna like our Luminati™ or Faraday™. TARGETED THERAPY. Directly aimed at head/neck: Use up to 10 minutes at a dist

Where can I place the Photon panel if I add it to my Tungsten panel?

The Photon™ can be added inside the Luminati™ or Faraday™! It has the same attachment brackets built in just like our Tungsten™ panel (the heart of the sauna). Most customers use it with the included base on the floor of their Sauna for feet and lowe

Can I use the Photon Desk Arm with a ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulb or heat lamp bulb?

The Photon Desk Arm WILL NOT work with just a ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulb or heat lamp bulb. This product can only be used with our Photon™ Infrared Therapy Light.

What is the usage protocol for the Photon Panel?

Directly aimed at head/neck: Use up to 10 minutes at a distance of 12 - 24 inches from the head/neck. We DO NOT recommend using it longer than 10 minutes per session directly on the head. The best rule of thumb: space direct head sessions an hour apa

Can I use the Photon as a nighttime light?

Our Photon™ can be used for nighttime/evening lighting without the cortisol-stimulating, blue and green light. Use it just like a desk lamp, on the included wooden base, or on a Desk Arm. SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONS. You can use the lamp in the ON positio