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How do I turn my Tungsten sauna panel into a sauna?

Any closet or enclosure can transition into a full sauna with your Tungsten Sauna Panel and there are two primary ways to do it:. Whichever way you decide to move forward with, there are some considerations to be taken into account:

How do I upgrade my cabinet sauna with my tungsten panel?

If you want to upgrade your sauna, our Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel is the best option to turn your existing far-infrared, or other cabinet-style sauna, into a full-spectrum infrared sauna!. Recommended setup: Purchase the Tungsten Pedestal and Saun

Is it possible to upgrade to a 7 Tungsten Bulb Panel set up?

We do have an upgrade option with adding our New 3-bulb Tungsten if desired. This is only recommended for individuals who are completely healthy (NO underlying health conditions) and acclimated to heat. We strongly suggest speaking to a healthcare pr

Can I use the Tungsten panel outside of the enclosure?

Yes, absolutely, and you receive all the benefits of red light therapy. We have many customers who enjoy using our Tungsten this way, as some will even do yoga in front of our lights!. However, please note you will not detox without our enclosure. In

What is the electrical information of the Tungsten Panel?


How do I adjust the panel?

The Tungsten™ attaches to the frame poles of your sauna with 4-turnkey clamps. The panel can adjusted almost all the way to the ceiling/floor (anywhere on the exposed portion of the poles). This allows for the panel to be placed at floor level to sit

How to use the grounding sleeve?

Thank you for choosing SaunaSpace®. Below are step by step instructions for coupling your power cord on your Tungsten™ and Photon™ panel. (If you own a Luminati™ or Faraday™ sauna, the grounding cord instructions use the same grounding sleeve.). WHY

How do I set up the panel?

The Sauna Pedestal is specifically made to be used with our Tungsten™ Panel, and it can also be used with the Photon™ Infrared Therapy Light. It is not a bench for the user. Set the Panel down on its flattened top, centered for balance, and it will s