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How hot does the sauna get?Updated 2 months ago

The scientific community defines “sauna use” as short-term passive exposure to 113-212°F, depending on the type of sauna modality. Our Near-IR Luminati™ and Faraday™ Saunas, standard configuration, maintain an air temperature of ~120°F -130°F (~49°C) and it can take up to 30 minutes to reach this temperature, much lower than other saunas. Due to the radiant heating you do not have to have a high ambient air temperature! Discipline is a big piece of your health journey, easier in a dry, neutral, comfortable, meditative space!

If the ambient air is at or less than body temperature, the hyperthermic effect of the sauna is reduced significantly as the cooler air around the user constantly cools the surface of the body...sweating is hard in these conditions. As long as you can provide a consistent ambient air temperature between 100-120°F (38-49°C) you do not have to supplement heating the air around you. It’s a benefit of the penetrating light/heat that we don’t need the air temp to be 140°F (60°C) or hotter.

Incandescent emission is deep penetrating radiant heat working in unison with light therapy. Deep core heating and mitochondrial stimulation at natural levels of irradiance from a single, EMF mitigated source. Other saunas use a conductive heating style, whether through air or steam.

Near-IR and Mid-IR “frequencies can actually penetrate a few inches into your body, and heat you up far more effectively than either of the other types [traditional and Far-IR] of sauna.”

This means the SaunaSpace air temperature can be lower and still effectively heat you up enough to promote strong sweating and, therefore, also heat shock protein amplification.

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