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Using Your Sauna

Before, during and after use.


How do I adjust the intensity of my sauna?

You will see three switches on the front of the light panel. Each switch controls one row of lights. Flip them all on for full intensity or use a combination of your choice. You can also open the curtain of your sauna and/or shorten the length of you

How long should I use my sauna?

Adults without serious health issues can start with shorter sessions of 20 minutes and work your way up as you become more comfortable. Children and those with health issues should start with short sessions and only two bulbs until they build up a to

Should I wear clothing?

Clothing is optional. Keep in mind that most fabric will block infrared emissions and limit your light therapy benefits, so for best results we recommend using your sauna without clothes. If you would like to wear clothing, we recommend loose-fitting

Do I need eye protection?

No! Infrared light therapy has actually shown to be beneficial for eyes. But if you have a sensitivity to light, you can use any sleep mask, towel, or dark cloth to block your eyes. We recommend you use natural materials like organic cotton, linen, e

How do I clean my sauna?

The Sauna Cover Set and regular curtain are safe to put in the washing machine. Afterwards, either hang dry or use the air dry setting on an automatic dryer. It is safe to use steamers on installed covers to reduce visible wrinkles. The EMF Shield sh

What time of day should I use my sauna?

There is no wrong time of day to use your sauna. People use it to perk up in the morning, recover after their workout, relax after a day of work, or wind down for bedtime. The important thing is to find a time of day that works for you. You’ll see th

How do I store my sauna?

Your sauna stores away easily when not in use.

Why doesn't my phone work in the sauna?

If you have a Faraday, our EMF shield is designed to conduct Wi-Fi, cell signals, and Bluetooth around the enclosure. It creates a figurative bubble where you can unplug, which may also limit your connectivity inside the sauna. When you bring your ph

How hot does the sauna get?

The ambient air temperature inside your sauna reaches up to 125 °F (52 °C). It can take up to 30 minutes to reach this temperature.

Why do I feel strange after my first sauna session?

Sometimes people experience healing reactions during their first couple sauna sessions. This can include temporary moodiness, nausea, or fatigue that typically goes away right after the session. Take it easy, and if these symptoms persist, see your d