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What's the difference between the Luminati and the Faraday?Updated 2 months ago

The Faraday includes our EMF-blocking shield. Silver and organic cotton are woven together in a unique mesh that prevents electromagnetic fields from entering the sauna. It blocks out Wi-Fi, cell signals, Bluetooth, and other invisible stressors that prevent your body from experiencing full rejuvenation. 

The Luminati does not include this shield. It can be purchased as an add-on if you would like to upgrade your Luminati later. See our full comparison of the Luminati and Faraday.

To achieve the ultimate detox, cellular rejuvenation, parasympathetic relaxation and meditative experience, you need protection from all forms of EMF, not just wired EF.

As for similarities, both saunas feature the same dimensions, a shielded Tungsten™ panel and our Bamboo Grounding Mat. The Grounding Mat delivers protection from wired electric fields that come from home wiring and unshielded electronics.

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