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Setup & Installation

Making setup a breeze.

How do I set up my sauna?

Instructions, with full color pictures, can be found in the product manual that came with your purchase. Or... Our customers reflect 20-45 minute setup (depending on your physical abilities). You receive everything you need in the boxes, you only add

Can I install my sauna outside?

Our products are not made to use outside, on in wet or humid environments. This comes down to:(1) our panels are electrical devices (2) the materials we use (wood and textile) are fully untreated. We strongly suggest only indoor, climate-controlled u

What do I do if my outlet isn’t grounded?

The shielding that is built into your Tungsten™ Infrared Sauna Panel, and the Bamboo Grounding Mat and EMF Shield layer of our Faraday™ Infrared Sauna, need to be grounded. This effectively carries the voltage away. Most modern three-prong outlets ar

Do I need an adapter or converter for my outlet?

SaunaSpace products are made in the US, but we do provide adapters for plug types in every country. Select your country on the product page and we’ll include the correct plug adapter for you, no extra charge. Simply plug our panels/saunas directly in

Do I need to preheat my sauna?

Preheating is optional. If you turn on the sauna 10 minutes before your session, it can promote faster sweating.

Do I need to wash my cover before using the sauna for the first time?

No. Our GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas covers are not treated with anything that will off-gas into your space. Your sauna will arrive ready for assembly and use straight out of the box. Please note that if you do wash your sauna cover during th

Are your saunas portable?

Yes! Our saunas don’t need any special hookups or permanent alterations to the space. In fact, you can assemble your sauna in minutes without using any tools. It’s the ultimate convenience for apartments, small spaces, and multi-use rooms. Your sauna

What is the electrical cost of using the Luminati or Faraday sauna?

The cost to run your sauna is 10–20¢/hr, based on average kilowatt hour rates in the US.

What are the dimensions of your Saunas?

Below are the dimensions of both our Luminati™Sauna and Faraday™ Sauna (the weight of components is different). WEIGHT. ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS

How far away does the sauna have to be from the wall or other items around?

You must leave at least 3 inches of clearance from walls and other equipment around in your environment when setting up the sauna.

What kind of floor do I have to install the sauna on?

The Luminati™ and Faraday™ come with a Bamboo Grounding Mat as flooring in the sauna. You can use the Sauna on any flooring you desire! From natural to synthetic carpet, sealed cement, hardwood or laminate flooring, etc. You could even sit on the flo

Will the sauna also heat up the room I install it in?

The Luminati™ Sauna does not heat a room significantly, no need to worry about tripping a thermostat. The sauna has an operating temperature range of 100℉ —120℉ and an internal volume of 60 cubic feet. The Canvas Covers do breathe, but only a little.

How can I disassemble or take apart my sauna?

1) Unplug the unit and remove the bulbs, set aside safely. 2) Remove covers one at a time. It is easiest to start with the front bottom corners, then the back. Lift covers over the top, set aside. 3) Remove the front top pole. Then remove the bottom

How can I set up the Photon panel by itself or to another panel?

The Photon™ Infrared Therapy Light can be used with any "VESA-D 75×75mm” monitor mount, but we strongly suggest the Photon™ Desk Arm kit. When using your own mount, it will come with attachment screws to apply to the panel. Your Photon™ comes pre-dri

Is the Shower Curtain removable?

Our Shower Sauna Conversion Kit's curtain is made to be removed after every session. It has built-in snaps on the loops to make this process easy. The included shower rods will stay set up and out of the way, so you do not have to remove those, only

How can I tightly fit the curtain and covers into the frame?

The Curtain and Covers are made to fit tight on the frame. If you have a gap on the bottom of the curtain, the first thing to look at is your fittings and frame poles. Sometimes, during setup, the frame poles are placed into the wrong fitting channel

Do you have any replacement parts for my older generation sauna?

Thank you for reaching out. We may not be able to provide service or have components for your older generation of SaunaSpace® Products, as there have been major innovations and improvements since 2011:. PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS. GUARANTEE IMPROVEMENTS

How many turnkey clamps for my panel will I receive? What happens if I need replacements?

You will receive 4 clamps as needed. Inside your customer accessory pack, there will be a small bag with turnkey clamps (they are covered in a protective sleeve). Please follow the instructions on their proper use located on page 17 of your owner's m