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Setup & Installation

Making setup a breeze.


How do I set up my sauna?

Instructions, with full color pictures, can be found in the product manual that came with your purchase. Or...

Can I install my sauna outside?

SaunaSpace saunas are designed for indoor use only. Please assemble and use your sauna in a temperature-controlled space protected from the elements.

What do I do if my outlet isn’t grounded?

Most modern three-prong outlets are grounded, but if yours is not, contact an electrician. If professional assistance is unavailable, the grounding mat, Photon, and Tungsten have accessory ground jacks that allow you to run a grounding cable to a gro

Do I need an adapter for my outlet?

SaunaSpace products are made in the US, but we do provide adapters for plug types in every country. Select your country on the product page and we’ll include the correct plug adapter for you, no extra charge. If you need extra help selecting the corr

Do I need to preheat my sauna?

Preheating is optional. If you turn on the sauna 10 minutes before your session, it can promote faster sweating.

Do I need to wash my cover before using the sauna for the first time?

No. Our GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas covers are not treated with anything that will off-gas into your space. Your sauna will arrive ready for assembly and use straight out of the box. Please note that if you do wash your sauna cover during th

Are your saunas portable?

Yes! Our saunas don’t need any special hookups or permanent alterations to the space. In fact, you can assemble your sauna in minutes without using any tools. It’s the ultimate convenience for apartments, small spaces, and multi-use rooms. Your sauna

What is the electrical cost of using the Luminati or Faraday sauna?

The cost to run your sauna is 10–20¢/hr, based on average kilowatt hour rates in the US.